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Power-Lok Carpet Strtcher Standard Kit

Power-Lok Carpet Strtcher Standard Kit

●8-piece set includes 1 power unit, 18 in. spring loaded tail block, three 3 ft. extension tubes, an adjustable locking tube, a transfer tube, and a rolling stretcher carrying case for stretching carpet during installation

●Features a durable steel head for long lasting use

●Swivel and locking head for even stretching along walls, in corners, or at an angle

●17 handle locking positions for faster installs

●Stretch up to 23.5 ft. with included extension tubes

●Tail block provides support by staying in place until being repositioned

●Tail block includes 2 wheels for repositioning and a bumper pad to protect walls

●Pin depth adjustment with a flat head screwdriver for compatibility with several carpet types

●Low profile head is easy to position with a knee kicker, sold separately

●Easily transported with the rolling carrying case