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Locking Pattern Matching & Seam Repair Strecher

Locking Pattern Matching & Seam Repair Strecher

●Excellent for stretching carpet, pulling trimmed carpet edges together, and pattern matching during carpet installation and repair

●Solid, aluminum die cast frame for years of dependable use                                           

●Dual powerhead configuration for correcting bowing, skewing, and misaligned patterns, as well as compressing gapped seams

●Powerhead and tailblade configuration for angle stretching in any direction against the tack strip

●Compact design of less than 2 ft. long, yet holds up to 300 lbs. of stretch tension

●Unique locking action enables hands-off seam repair and holds pressure at seventeen 1/4 in. intervals                                                

●On/Off knob provides locking or conventional operation                                               

●15 adjustable pin depths on each powerhead to accommodate different carpet thicknesses

●Includes custom molded carrying case